The Philanthropical Achievements of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is one of the most prominent personalities in the U.S. when discussing the educational system and the changes that could be done to alter the way that it includes American children. Betsy DeVos has made her lifetime struggle fighting for reform in the American education and is consistently seen in the political spotlights as a leading supporter of the education reform.

Formerly known as Elizabeth Prince, she got married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, and they both make one of the most charitable and influential American couples in the United States. They have led dozens of initiatives to make the nation a better place for everyone, trying to make change happen in the educational system in a way that it includes American children of all financial situations, but in a way that quality education can be accessible to everybody, not just those who can afford it. Even though the goal seems far-fetched, Betsy and Dick DeVos have gone a long way and have achieved some impressive results. Follow Betsy DeVos on

According to Betsy DeVos, about 50,000 students are publicly funded by thirty-three programs in 17 different states of Columbia, meaning that a huge portion of the American children of that region can access quality education with the support of those foundations. The educational choice program is a unique contributor to these achievements, fighting to allow students to choose the quality schools that they want to attend, even if they do not currently have the necessary monetary conditions to do so.

New educational-choice programs are popping up around the states and cities of the U.S. honorable mentions are Louisiana, Virginia, Mississippi, New Hampshire and Florida, which are now part of the program that allows hundreds of students to partake in the schools they want to graduate from in the future.

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos began her philanthropical careers after attending together the Potter’s House Christian School, which was a typical school in their neighborhood as the primary option for low-income families to put their kids. Although it was one of the cheapest quality schools that could be afforded by some parents, Betsy and Dick DeVos saw the harsh reality that some families were struggling a lot to keep their sons and daughters in that school because of how expensive the private education system in the United States has become.

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Since then, the DeVos couple realized that they had the power and the influence to try to change the course of the education system, and they have been successfully changing it throughout the last couple of years, with Betsy DeVos being chosen to be the newest American Education Secretary of Trump’s Presidency.