The Odd Reality of Hussain Sajwani’s Friendship with Donald Trump

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has friends in very high places. One of the real estate tycoon’s friends in particular has been the topic of many conversations. Who is it? The answer is none other than polarizing figure Donald Trump. That’s right. The Muslim billionaire is good friends and business partners with United States President Donald Trump. The twos relationship is sort of ironic considering Trump’s views on those who practice the religion of Islam. However, both have nothing but the utmost respect for one another as a friend and business partner.


The two began growing close when they collaborated on a project managed by the Trump Organization that involved developing the Trump International Golf Course and Trump World Golf Course in Dubai. Trump, knowing Sajwani is a pioneer in Dubai when it comes to the property, was eager to start a business relationship. The two never thought the business relationship would turn into the both of them becoming close friends. They even spent New Years together. Both hope to do more work together in the future.


Sajwani started his career in real estate in the 1990’s. He quickly became a household name in the industry and founded DAMAC Properties, one of the largest property development companies in the MIddle East, in 2002. DAMAC has dominated Dubai’s luxury real estate market since it was established. No other real estate developer in the region has accomplished what DAMAc has in such a relatively short amount of time.


Sajwani also gives back. He has donated funds to many organizations that make an effort to improve the lives of children in the area. He played a major role in an initiative that provided bespoke services to hundreds of thousands of children in the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani is also a family man. The immediate Hussain Sajwani family consists of he, his wife, and their four children.