Sunday Riley Continues to Succeed With Good Genes

During a brief interview before the opening of her Manhattan pop-up shop Texan, Sunday Riley discussed her beauty brand with The Cut. Named by a father who lived in the hippie era and chose a unique name that stands out and according to him would “be great for business” has benefitted Sunday Riley. She admits that growing up with a unique name was difficult as a child, but it’s easy to see that the name stands out and has been good for the skincare line she launched that shares her unique name.

Riley launched the Sunday Riley skincare line in 2009 to fill a hole in skin care products that sold on the market. Riley believed that combining botanicals with active ingredients would help her look younger as she aged. This combination of “green technology” was absent on the market, and Riley felt that she could fill that need with the Sunday Riley skincare line.

Sunday Riley has achieved success and receives a cultlike following for products created with the use of science and botanicals. The formulation of the products in the Sunday Riley skincare line is only part of the reason for its success. Taking a cue from her father Sunday Riley’s products all bear unique names like Saturn, Luna. C.E.O, and Good Genes. The unique names along with attractive packaging and the cosmetic formula of each product have gained a devoted following by skincare enthusiasts.

Sunday Riley’s lactic acid treatment, Good Genes, achieved success quickly when launched, and Riley believes that part of the success of the product is due to an average person seeing instant results when used. Good Genes exfoliates dead skin cells revealing skin that appear younger while it diminishes fine lines. With consistent use, Good Genes leaves the skin looking healthy and radiant. Good Genes doesn’t irritate the skin and can be applied to all skin tones.

Good Genes isn’t the only product that has seen success. All of Sunday Riley’s skincare products are selling well, and though they are pricey, they are worth the cost. Sunday Riley shares that the best thing a person can do for their skin is to wash their face and exfoliate. Exfoliation clears away dead skin cells and allows the products to work as they should.