Securus Technologies: Revolutionizing the Incarceration Environment

Securus is the leading technology provider for prisons across the United States of America, based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1986 and has employed around 1,000 people with regional offices in Allen, Texas, Carrolton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.


Securus technologies has invested more than $600 million in the development of their technologies, acquisition, and patents in 3 years. With contracts in 2,600 prisons in the United States and serving almost that same amount of penitentiary facilities across the Canada and the U.S., Securus technologies has paved the way to developing more and more devices to enhance the conditions in jails.


The company began with a merger of two companies in September 2004, the two leading companies in corrections market industry, the Evercom, and T-Netix companies. And in 2007, the Syscon Justice Systems was acquired by Securus. Since then, Securus have developed different technologies such as the system for preventing contraband cellphones to connect to mobile networks, with its Wireless Containment Solution.


The focus of Securus Technologies is the communication system of correction agencies and prisons. They try to enhance the technology used in communication devices of prisons to help inmates connect with their families and relatives while also having a major eye on security and making sure that every conversation can be monitored if necessary.


With the help of Securus Technologies, a penitentiary had been able to obtain information from inmate phone calls that have aided authorities to get a search warrant for a corrupt correctional member. The suspect has been arrested the next morning for the introduction of contraband. In another case, with the use of Securus developed technology, phone calls were monitored and prison staff members were able to obtain intel about drug selling, alcohol consumption, and narcotics in the facility, as well as possible cellphone contrabands, suspicious conversations regarding money laundering, threats, past criminal activity, and a person admitting to selling over the counter drugs at a lower price.


Based on the feedback that the company gets from the facilities they are serving, most of them are impressed and will continue to use technologies from Securus because they know that the company progressively innovates to help improve prison environment throughout the country.