Search Clean Up Does Just That…Cleans Up

Business owners understand the value of great customer service and that is important, especially since it is so easy for information to be shared. You want your customers to tell their friends and so on about how great of a company you are. This is how you spread the word and attract more clients to increase revenue. On the same hand, it is just as easy for bad reviews and negative comments to be shared in the same fashion. That high Quality Score that you earned is not a fixed number. It can go up or down, depending on how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are!

Studies support the notion that bad reviews and negative comments can dramatically reduce sales, ultimately hurting your business. Sites like can remove bad search results and offer their services and web cleaners! Sure, you can manage everything yourself, but know how to effectively get it done and out of the top spots on search results is better left to professionals.

There are several things you, as the business owner, can do to help mitigate the situation. One thing you should avoid is arguing back with your clients across these open platforms or through any correspondence.

Another great tip is to bring on the sales. It doesn’t have to be a ‘Black Friday’ sale, but throwing a promotional sale of a new product or offering great deals on existing ones can definitely help augment your situation.

After all, you started a company with the thought of doing business and providing something that people need or want. Keep this in mind and do not lose sight of this and why you went into business. On a brighter note, if you feel stuck or just can’t figure out how to get a handle on the problem, there are places like that know exactly what to do. Don’t let your online image get worse! Use an online reputation management service to gain control!

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  • Julissa Paul says:

    This is like breaking a commandment and will send your empire crumbling. Try posting about how you have made changes to solve the solution without bringing up the person or problem. It is good for them to buy good essay which is the very thing that most people has been looking forward to having right now.

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