PodcastOne Founder Norman Pattiz Announces Study Results Revealing Podcast Advertising Works

Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, has announced the release of results from a study on podcast advertising that revealed its dramatic potential for brands. Conducted in the latter half of 2016, this was the first study ever conducted of the pre- and post-campaign effects for brands advertising on podcasts.

What it revealed was that advertising on podcasts produced a significant positive increase in brand awareness, including intention of purchasing and recall of both the brand and its specific messaging.

Participating in the study were five major national brands. While all five brands were in the consumer arena, each represented a different category of product or service. The brands also differed in their level of brand awareness among consumers and their goals in placing podcast advertising.

The study was broken up into three parts, all conducted by Edison Research, whose VP of Strategy, Tom Webster, joined Norman Pattiz in making the announcement. In each part, audiences of popular podcasts were surveyed before and after each 4-6 week ad campaign to determine receptiveness to brand messaging. This was measured, in part, by audience’s recognition of the brand and its specific messaging, as well as intent to purchase the product or service being advertised.

Among the specific results were some particular highlights Pattiz and Webster noted in their announcement. Grocery brands, for one, gained more than 50% awareness among consumers, from 7% pre-campaign to over 60% post-campaign. The favorability of a particular automobile brand increased from 18% to over 1/3 over the course of the campaign. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://members.nationalgeographic.com/359861042336/

The number of consumers saying they were quite likely to purchase a particular lawn and garden product went up from 16% to 22 percent. Audience awareness of a particular casual dining restaurant’s specific marketing message jumped over 3/4 during the campaign.

Norman Pattiz has spent over 40 years working in the broadcasting industry. Before founding PodcastOne he founded Westwood One, the largest provider of content to American broadcasters. He also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.