Oncotarget: Electronic Cigarettes are Harmful

E-cigarettes are modern devices that are used to heat a liquid that a user inhales. In most cases, the liquid contains nicotine and flavor in it. Some liquids contain additives too. The electronic cigars are considered to be a healthy option when compared to the ordinary cigars. A higher percentage of people do not know that the nicotine found in the product is addictive. The electronic device contains tobacco products, and these have nicotine.

A recent study published by Oncotarget, one of the most respected scientific journals indicate that individuals using these products are exposed to serious gum diseases such as cancer. Apart from the harmful nicotine, the cigars have some very damaging ingredients that lead to very complex health problems. Some of these include volatile organic compounds, ultrafine particles that when inhaled go deep into the user’s lungs, heavy metals like tin, lead, and nickel. Flavorings like diacetyl are found in the liquid. The chemicals have been linked to far-reaching lung diseases.

Oncotarget says that most of the individuals using the electronic cigars are adolescents who have no idea that they are harming their bodies. The Journal reports that teenage years are very crucial for the development of the brain. Many people say that brain development starts when a child is still growing in the womb. However, this growth continues until an individual reaches the age of twenty-five. The exposure to harmful substances such as nicotine during this stage of life can lead to addiction that can result in severe problems to the developing brain. Some of the gum diseases brought by the use of the devices are fatal. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com

E-cigarettes have become very popular in the modern times, especially to the young people. In the last five years, these devices have grown in use. Many young people do not know the cigars are harmful because very little research has been done on them. The study by Oncotarget has revealed that the cigars are very common among high school students in the United States. If the students are not educated about the effects of the cigars, then the parents can expect more damage. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.