Nicolas Krafft Involvement in L’Oréal Company

L’Oréal company was founded in 1909 to ensure that people get the looks they desire. More than 1000 employees have been employed to serve all the company’s clients with high-standard products and services. There are headquarters of L’Oréal company in Clichy, France. Over the years the company has specialized in both selling and manufacturing cosmetic products for either male or female. Some of the products produced at L’Oréal include make-ups, perfumes, nail care products, oral cosmetics, hair care, deodorants, dermo-cosmetics among others. They are all high-quality since the people that make them are experts. Nicolas Krafft is the Vice President for the L’Oréal company. Previously he served as the Deputy General manager for Eastern Europe as well as the Marketing Director for both Asia and Kerastase.

Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen where he earned a degree in Business management; the course lasted for five years. Later he went to INSEAD to enroll in the Corporate General Management program in 2006. Nicolas Krafft management skills in L’Oréal has led the expansion of the company as well as the establishment of new marketing strategies to attract more customers. On 30th September 2018, L’Oréal company with the leadership of Nicolas Krafft held a show in Paris. The primary goal for this event was to ensure that many people across the world became aware of the products produced at L’Oréal and how effective they work.

During the Event, drones were set in place to monitor and record the event and pass the videos to other broadcast shows across more than 30 countries of the world. Val Garland, an international makeup artist for L’Oréal company together with Stephane Lancein, devoted themselves to create about 70 new, and makeups look to be presented in the Paris Fashion and makeup show. There were many prominent stylists, as well as interested parties in fashion and beauty present in the show hence there were much expectations form the company.

Nicolas Krafft organized the event together with the employees to ensure that it was a success. there were about thirteen modes selected for the event including Miu Miu, Isabel Marant among others.