Malini Saba is a Sign of Women in Power

As the United States of America prepares for the possibility of a female president, there is a lot of buzz in the air about women in power. There are female leaders that hold CEO positions large Fortune 500 companies. There are others that have become the boss at companies that they have started. I like how Malini Saba has refused to wait on anyone. She has been a self starting motivator that has done her best to invest wisely and gain success. Somehow she has even managed to help other women that may have given up on their dreams as Malini has accomplished many dreams of her own.

I would imagine that it feels really good to give away money that you know is going towards a good cause. I would like that people like Malini Saba come along every day, but I don’t think that they do. It is rare to find a woman that has been able to give over a million dollars to different charities and natural disaster relief. I know that she must feel a sense of pride and humility at the same time for the giving that she has done.

Malini Saba is the type of woman that knows how to reach out and help others. She has successfully managed to build an organization that is known for helping women that are in need. She is working hard to help these women gain financial freedom, political power and better healthcare as they rise against the challenges that they face.

She isn’t known throughout the world, but I do believe that people will get to know her one day because she is such a strong leader. Saba’s philanthropy is something that benefits many women. They will not forget who she is and what she has done. There have been a ton of people that have failed to get the proper education or healthcare that they need, but Saba is making this possible for a lot of women. She has been able to build a resume that speaks volumes, but more importantly, she has managed to help people that are in need of it most.

I would hope to someday open my own non-profit organization to help women. She has been instrumental in helping me build my confidence, and I would like to thank her organization for giving me some insight when I did not have any.