Fabletics – Aspirational Brand That Offers Quality Products At Affordable Prices

Fabletics is a brand co-owned and co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The company since its inception has made a tremendous progress and is doing a business of over $250 million annually, and is expected to grow at the rate of 35 percent annually in the years to come. Fabletics has adopted a unique subscription model that has attracted a lot of members in a relatively shorter period. The fashion retail market online is already highly competitive and saturated, yet Fabletics managed to stand strong on its own, and give competition to giants like Amazon, only because of the motto of the company to offer quality products at an affordable price.


Fabletics’s subscription model became an overnight success as soon as it was announced by the enterprise as it took the customer experience to an all new level altogether. It offers a personalized shopping experience to the customers based on their fashion preferences, lifestyle and color choices. It made it easier for the customers to shop regularly without actually having to scroll through tons of options. Fabletics aims at providing a combination of aspirational brand, quality products, and affordable pricing to its customers, which is something that is not available easily in the fashion market together. Fabletics aims at filling the void, and the association with Kate Hudson helped the brand to boost its popularity and make it a brand that the women would relate with.


Fabletic followed the reverse showroom technique soon after the launch and had 18 outlets across the country in California, Illinois, Hawaii, and Florida. These are the major markets for Fabletics and have seen the tremendous popularity of its products since the launch. The reverse showroom method is practiced earlier successfully by companies such as Warby Parker and Apple, and Fabletics implemented it successfully as well. In this process, the company first builds a market for itself online and generates a growth momentum through online sales and customer engagement, and then takes the brand to physical outlets nationwide to continue the momentum.


Many of the Fabletics users have posted positive reviews about Fabletics subscription model and its products online, saying how it helps them shop for quality products without spending a lot. It is also convenient as the customers get to choose from the selection that is customized as per their choice, taste, and preference. The company plans to soon open over 75 to 100 stores through the length and breadth of the country, which would further help Fabletics penetrate deep into the fashion retail market.


Opening new stores is an extension of their reverse showroom technique and as per the data available, around 30 to 35 percent of visitors to the store are already members and 25 percent of the visitors who are non-members eventually become VIP members. The physical outlets of Fabletics offer customers to check out the products and collection of Fabletics firsthand. If you are planning to become VIP member of Fabletics, it is highly recommended that you take the Lifestyle Quiz offered by the company online at its website.