Dan Bethelmy-Rada The Beauty Expert

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a Venezuelan born businessman. He moved to Paris at age 16 and also lived in the United States for about a decade. Mr. Rada is currently the youngest general manager for L’Oreal. Dan Bethelmy-Rada attended Pantheon-Sorbonne University in 1996 to 2001 and graduated with a BS in commerce. He then went back and attended the ESSEC business school and graduated in 2002 with a masters in strategy and management of international business. He is currently over Matrix for L’oreal USA professional product division. He has grew Matrix since being appointed general manager. His strategy is based off of positioning in the marketplace and creativity. Mr. Rada is also a very good leader he embraces the diverse talents of his team and strongly encourages team development.

When creating a product line Dan Bethelmy-Rada thinks the best way to create a product line is by using an holistic approach. L’Oreal and Dan just created a new line for the salon professionals. This new line is called R.A.W and caters to the consumers all over the world who crave for natural hair products. Dan states creating R.A.W was a challenge for him and his team because it’s an all natural product and they do not want to compromise by using not all natural ingredients. This type of strict protocol can be costly and a major investment. Dan and his team had to get creative when it came to marketing R.A.W to salon professionals. So they created an extensive educational program to educate the professionals of the benefits of using natural products on their clients. When R.A.W officially launched in the US it was pretty much a success and the product that was most loved was the shampoo.

It truly takes time and money to launch a product especially a new product. With the right leader such as Dan and the team that he’s put together the returns will be well worth the investment.