Customers talk about the many benefits of Securus video visitation

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading providers of prison communication services and investigatory solutions for corrections officers and prison administration. While it offers many services, Securus’ most popular service today is its video visitation technology. This system allows for virtual visitations to take place between inmates and their family members, drastically reducing the number of in-person visitations that prisons need to schedule and resulting in an increase in safety and inmates’ contentedness and compliance.

But some of the largest beneficiaries of Securus video visitation are the family members of the incarcerated. Typically in prisons throughout the United States, prisoners themselves do not have access to steady or significant income. This means that, should the prisoner want to buy anything extra, including calling cards and other means of connecting with loved ones on the outside, they need to typically get cash from outside sources. This burden usually falls on the families of the incarcerated.

However, this can present serious problems. It has been shown, through various studies, that the families of prisoners in the United States typically fall in the lowest quartile of the income distribution. This means that families can hardly afford to pay exorbitant rates in order to stay in touch with loved ones. Oftentimes, the family members attempting to connect with incarcerated loved ones include children. It has been estimated that there are over three million children of people currently locked up in the nation’s prisons. It benefits everyone, including society as a whole, to enable these children to stay in constant communication with their incarcerated fathers.

Securus has enabled this to happen. Through offering high-quality, low cost video visitation technology, the families of the nation’s prisoners are now able to stay in nearly constant contact with their incarcerated loved ones.