Cotemar: Supplying Mexico’s Petroleum Needs

Many organizations and businesses are operating in Mexico because of the unlimited opportunities that could be found here. It has a vast supply of resources that is attracting investors resulting to the emergence of new industries, like the creation of power plants and oil refineries, which employs thousands and is raking in billions of dollars for the economy. Cotemar Mexico is one of the new firms created by the discovery of the country’s petroleum resources, and it is the leading company that is specializing in a number of services – petroleum services, maritime services, offshore construction, offshore maintenance and the manufacturing of specialized ships. The company’s success through the years managed to start up Mexico’s own industrial revolution, and their story have captivated the minds of foreign media, making up news reports about the innovation that they have brought upon the petroleum industry.


Cotemar Mexico is an example of a dynamic company that has investment in different industries, but they are now focusing more on the oil industry, and have dedicated the majority of their time in the field of petroleum services, which is providing them a wide array of services and ideas on how to keep the sector of petroleum extraction and production up and running. Cotemar Mexico’s services include the development of offshore oil fields that would extract petroleum underneath the earth, the construction of these oil fields and the maintenance of all these structures, but it is not limited there. They are also providing integral services bound to marine support operation, including the employee’s food supply and lodging, even their transport to and from the oil fields. Because of this matter, the firm has a huge fleet of vessels that are specialized for this purpose. Cotemar Mexico is a 100% Mexican company that can trace its early beginnings in 1979, and within a short amount of time, managed to become one of Mexico’s largest corporations.


Initially founded to focus solely on the energy sector, Cotemar Mexico has now diversified to include extra focus on construction services, modernization services, maintenance services, engineering services, food services, and lodging services. They are employing the best talents to help them deliver what they are striving for, and have been partnering with different Mexican companies to provide quality services. The training that they are providing to their employees are also evident of how the company wanted to keep their status as a prestigious firm aimed only at giving the best service for their clients.


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