Copa Star: Luxury Redefined

Class, elegance, and luxury are not words that can be used to describe a hospital. However, that seems to have changed after the introduction of the Copa Star Hospital. Copa Star has introduced a new concept to the world of medicine.

Rede D’Or owns Copa Star Hospital among other high-end hospitals. Rede D’Or spent R $ 400 million to build the hospital. Copa Star is a seven-story hospital with a five-star architecture design.

Copa Star focuses on Neurosurgery and Cardiology. The primary goal of the hospital is to be the best hospital in radiology in Brazil.


The design

Copa Star is designed with elegance and class. At the reception, you will be welcomed with a peaceful ambiance. The hospital has a grand piano and displays the amazing artwork from Yutaka Toyota. There are other 200 art pieces from the world-renowned artist. Copa Star has a glass ceiling which allows natural lights to light up the hospital corridors.

Copa Star also includes a restaurant that gives you access to different cuisines.


There are patients’ suites, Intensive Care Units, Neurosurgery, and operating rooms.

The operating rooms are fitted with robotic medicine which is the modern form of medicine. They have also been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that promotes efficient delivery of treatment. The cardiology rooms contained specialized and innovative medical techniques.

The patient’s suites are fitted with iPads with a unique app. The iPads have made it easy for the patients to control the different functions of the rooms. It is also easy for them to communicate with doctors about issues related to their conditions. The doctors can also use the devices to share the results of the radiology tests. The patients’ beds also come with automated features.

Most of the time ICU are boring and dull, but at Copa Star, that is something of the past. The rooms are designed with big screens that display real-time images. The hospital has installed cameras on top of the buildings that capture the magic in streets. View the design at


Patient care and comfort are at the core value of the Hospital. That is why they strive to hire qualified professionals. Copa Star has 550 health professionals, 113 of whom are doctors. The nurses undergo a training of two months. Through the training programs, the healthcare professionals are provided with tools and information to help them deal with all kinds of situation. They are also given information how to deal with the different patients.

Copa Star is a big hospital, and that is why they have integrated innovation, technology, and quality service to enhance a smooth flow of services.

Rede D’Or plan is to establish similar hospitals in major centers in the State.