CEO Dr. Richard Shinto Leading InnovaCare to Success

Dr. Richard Shinto is a member of the leadership of InnovaCare Health Inc. Dr. Richard Shinto is at the position of chief executive officer (CEO). He was appointed to the post in 2012.

Dr. Richard Shinto attended the University of California to earn his bachelor’s of science. After that, he participated in the University of New York graduating with a medical degree. His MBA Dr. Richard Shinto earned from the University of Redlands.

After Dr. Richard Shinto completed his studies, he became a pulmonologist and practiced in Souther California. His medical and professional experience continued with him becoming a part of Medical Pathways Management Company. He was appointed to the positions of Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. After that, Dr. Richard Shinto dedicated several years to NAMM. He was working as Chief medical officer again in California. Prior to becoming CEO of InnovaCare Health Inc. Dr. Richard Shinto was working as President and CEO for another large company called Aveta Inc. This company is no longer in operation. When Aveta was sold off, Dr. Richard Shinto moved on and became an integral part of InnovaCare Health Inc.

During his time as a leader of Aveta Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto was the recipient of a prestigious award – Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. This recognition is for individuals who have demonstrated excellent leadership skills, contributions to the respective company, and overall performance and results.

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Since Dr. Richard Shinto became the CEO and President of InnovaCare, the company has been experiencing higher levels of productivity and rapid expansion. The company of InnovaCare Health Inc. is a provider of Medicare Advantage plans and other services related to physician practices. Making use of the service that InnovaCare provides makes a visit to the doctor significantly more affordable.

The company has been in operation for several years. Up to date, more than 70% of the population of the United States of America is taking advantage of some service provided by InnocaCare Health Inc. Some have chosen the Medicare Advantage plans, they have shown preference towards health insurance management service, and some are utilizing the services of InnovaCare Health to the full potential of their services.

The company has earned a coveted accreditation for their Medicare Advantage plans – Commendable Accreditation. This recognition is by the National Committee for Quality Assurance or NCQA. The company’s service earned this accreditation in 2011. Learn more about Rick on