Kim Dao’s Last Day in Korea.

Kim Dao chose to spend her last day in Korea relaxing on the floor with Kumsuh, Sunny’s dog. The rain poured down during the day, and Kim Dao decided to get some blogging done. She had some writer’s block because she could not find enough to write about.


She showed us a video. Kim Dao planned to leave for London that evening and pack all her makeup in her luggage ( She didn’t see the point of wearing her makeup on the plane. Before she left for the airport, Kim Doa wanted to see her friend Joan, who she hadn’t seen in about six months. She hurried to pack in 45 minutes, so she wouldn’t be late to meet Joan. After having lunch with Joan, she would come back to complete her packing, then take a bus to the airport. Dao and Joan met up in Kongdon. They had lunch at a restaurant that had a construction theme. The twosome shared two meals: Cream cheese rossoto and rice with a chicken barbeque platter. The chicken platter came with fries and chips with a drizzle of cheese. After lunch, Kim Dao wanted to go somewhere for a drink to take back with her but not before browsing in Spao. Before leaving for London, Kim Dao decided to go shopping for gifts for friends, Becky and Kelsey, who lived in London. Kim Dao bought a large tea and milk drink, some blush and a tint. For herself. Dao bought a pair of pants. Learn more: