Academy of Art University Student’s Futuristic Fashion Designs

The San Francisco-based Academy of Art University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a range of subjects. Students learn in an exciting urban environment with museums, theaters and a large number of restaurants that offer a discount to students. Additionally, the Academy of Art University operates six galleries throughout the city where students can attend openings, meet others in their field or sell their work. In fact, the school offers students many different methods for getting their work noticed, including fashion shows.

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held 21 runway shows during New York Fashion Week with students displaying how they imagined fashion in the future. Students created a variety of designs, some made from vinyl and PVC, others from organic denim and recycled rubber. Their inspiration came from a broad range of sources, including the temples of northwestern China, Japanese samurai, the Palestinian culture and San Francisco‘s topography.

The Academy of Art University accepts students who demonstrate a passion for art or design. Entrance is non-competitive; however, a high school diploma or GED is required, along with the commitment to learn to core skills needed to pursue a career in their chosen field.

What sets the Academy of Art University apart from other schools is that the faculty consists of creative professionals who have real-world experience. The student body is diverse and international students are welcomed; art and design encompassing multiple perspectives is encouraged. Courses offered at the school include art history, fine arts, performing arts and digital arts. Many courses are available online as well; students can earn a degree entirely online in many fields. To take classes online, the students must have a computer and DSL or cable Internet. Certain classes require a camera, microphone, and software, such as Adobe Cloud, which the Academy of Art University provides at no extra cost.

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