Charlamagne tha God opens up about Second Book, Social Injustice and Struggles with PTSD and Anxiety

The American Radio Presenter and Television Personality Charlamagne Tha God opened up in an interview with Bill Rhoden about his personal struggles with PTSD and Anxiety. Talking about his second book ‘Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me,’ The Breakfast Club star got deep about the underlying issues responsible for his anxiety citing his decision at 39 to go to therapy. The book’s title, ‘Shook One,’ is a shout out to the Mobb Deep song ‘Shook Ones.’ “That song is about not being soft or shook. But I am a shook one….A lot of things I thought I did was fearless, but I realized a lot of things that I did, I did because I was scared,” said Charlamagne.

Born on June 29, 1978, as a young teenager he spent time in the dope game eventually being arrested twice for possession. After being released from jail he started attending night school and landed a job as a radio intern. In time he would go on to become second mic to radio host Wendy Williams. Making it clear he is trying to grow from his past mistakes, Charlamagne Tha God is focusing his attention on making a positive impact in his community. “If you want to judge me for old things, I’m fine with that.” Stated Charlamange, “My narrative has completely changed. But you can’t compare 20 year old Charlemagne, 30 year old Charlamange to 40 year old Charlamagne who’s a father and husband.” With two daughters and another on the way, he believes the time has come for men to straighten up in their relationships with women.

The Breakfast Club Star wrapped up the interview with a topic that resonates deeply with many American minorities, the injustice black and brown people are experiencing at the hands of the police. Charlamagne made it clear that he can’t, ‘in good conscience watch the NFL this year,” noting the lack of concern or media attention given by the organization to this hardline civil rights issue.


End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb

The Democratic and Republican race is heating up in the 18th Congressional District of southwestern Pennsylvania. Former Congressman Tim Murphy (R) resigned his seat in October 2017 due to improprieties he committed. The Democrats are supporting 33-year-old Conor Lamb and the Republicans are supporting 59-year-old Rich Saccone. The Republicans are receiving campaign backing from President Donald Trump who won the 18th Districts’ votes by a wide margin of 20 percentage points.

In support of Conor Lamb is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) which is buying campaign ads on TV. The ads are running continuously from January 30, 2018 to March 13th, which is the election day. A Conor Lamb win for the Democrats would mean that the party has a firm footing in this district which has been an industrial Democratic town in past national elections. The reason the historically Democratic 18th District voted for Donald Trump was in hopes that he would stand on his campaign promises to make positive changes for them.


Conor Lamb is a former assistant U.S. attorney, a Marine veteran, and an accomplished speaker whose campaign stumps have drawn large crowds. Mr. Lamb has the grassroot support of the coal and steel labor unions like the AFL-CIO according to Conor Lamb says that he is running for the underserved in the district, which is why he is not accepting corporate monies. Lamb is also campaigning on a stronger economic message, pro-union issues, and against the Trump Administration tax cuts that were recently passed. Rich Saccone’s campaign message is for pro-life choices and even though he says that he supports the area’s labor unions, Saccone has also backed union restrictive resolutions.

Conor Lamb is also receiving campaign endorsements from End Citizens United which is a grassroots group that believes in campaign finance reform to end corporate support in political campaigns in both the House and the Senate. Just to clarify the labor union’s involvement in support of Lamb, he is not accepting union contributions from union executives, instead his union funding is coming straight from the working men and women, the rank-and-file members.

The campaign funding by the DCCC is backed by minimal amounts as are other contributions which are trickling in. The End Citizens United group is raising campaign support for Conor Lamb through their natural grassroots members and donors. End Citizens United has a membership of more than three million donors, with over 3,000 members located in Pennsylvania’s 18th district and over 300,000 members who contribute as little as $12.00 to support candidates.