Success of EOS Lip Balm its Predecessors

For years, Chapstick has been a leading balm on the shelves of leading stores. It offers great choices with different flavors available for consumers. Available options are mint, cherry or the tasteless original flavor. Seven years ago, things changed when a new product hit the market. EOS lip balm in its pastel colored orbs started to appear everywhere.

Numerous editorials from business magazines added to the popularity of the new EOS lip balm. Beauty store, supermarkets and even Amazon online offered amazing displays of the new flavors of the lip balm from EOS. With its fast-growing popularity, big stars including Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus joined the list of consumers and were spotted using the balms at different events and in their mundane lives.

Despite its success, the company’s founders remained silent for years about their business strategy. The founders opened up to Fast Company in an interview where they talked about the $250 million investment. Results from Kline, a consulting and research firm indicated that the EOS Company is currently the second best-selling company. It ranks second only after Burt’s Bees the leading lip balm seller in the country. It means its success has surpassed Chapstick and Blistex two of the oldest players in the industry.

The research By Kline firm indicates that EOS currently sells over 1 million units of balms each week. Based on its performance, its projected that continued dominance in the oral care industry by the company will see it rise to $2 billion by the year 2020. Increased awareness of the benefits of using natural and organic products is the driving force behind this projected growth. EOS specializes in natural and organic oral products.

According to Sanjiv Mehra, a co-founder and managing partner at EOS, time is ripe for the company to provide information via Facebook to its consumers. The information to provide includes basic company information and the values on which the company operates.

How EOS Left the Invincible Chapstick Far Behind in the Competition of Lip Balm Industry

Just a decade ago, the lip balm industry’s undisputed leader was Chapstick with no competition even at a distance from it. The market had the pitch ready and was waiting for some innovation. EOS grabbed this opportunity seven years ago to burst into the scene and take advantage of the apparent lag and void in both the product and the marketing perspective.

EOS amazing feat of beating the almost invincible Chapstick was not only the terrific product but also a great marketing strategy. While each product in the market remained a look-alike tube that would often get lost in the folds of a woman’s purse, EOS built a balm in a beautiful and distinguished spherical case that was instantly recognizable, different from all and unlikely to get lost. Against the clinical taste of all previous lip balms, its rainbow of assorted flavors, captivating smell, easy sensuous spread on the lips; the experience was almost ethereal and addictive. Women could not help but come back on Walgreens for a second buy and then the third purchase.

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The success of EOS lip balm was largely because of the fact that it added an extra zing to the women’s beauty regime and made it fun, fresh and trendy. Moreover, the product was formulated with completely organic ingredients which were completely safe to use. One would think that these would make the lip balm, an expensive affair but the company was smart enough to keep the price almost equivalent to the already available lip balms. It encouraged the women to try the product without any reservations. Add to it their pristine Facebook marketing campaign, and you have an unbeatable and excellent unity of both an exceptional product as well as outstanding marketing. It’s easy to understand how EOS has attained the top position in the lip market industry and easily outdid the century old ruler Chapstick quickly in less than seven years. For more information, visit the Evolution of website.