Jeremy Goldstein Has Once Again Come Through In A Big Way For Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an esteemed attorney who works primarily in the areas of compensation committees, business and matters of executive compensation. He has developed a highly regarded reputation in these areas of law practice and has placed a significant amount of his work on the area of business events of a transformative nature. Jeremy Goldstein is currently a partner with his own law firm that is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. This exclusive law firm has a selective client base that is primarily from the areas of management teams and the world of chief executive officers. Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of some of the most significant corporate deals that have transpired over the last decade and he is also the Chairman of Mergers and the Acquisition Sub-committee with the prestigious American Bar Association. Jeremy Goldstein is also noted for his devoted philanthropic work and the issue of mental health is one that he has become particularly passionate about over his career. One of the most beloved charitable organizations that he works with is known as Fountain House. Jeremy was recently involved with a pair of fundraising events that have brought in an impressive $56 thousand to Fountain House. The funds will be used in order to help the charity to continue to make a difference in the lives of countless men and women who suffer from issues related to mental health.


Jeremy Goldstein serves as one of the Board of Directors members for Fountain House and he took it upon himself recently to organize a wine dinner for the charity in order to raise some much-needed funds. This event was held in New York City at the NoMad Hotel. The site was the hotel’s luxurious rooftop that overlooks the skyline of the city. An enthusiastic and generous crowd gathered in order to help Jeremy Goldstein in his fundraising efforts and the final tally for the event was around $33,300. The wine dinner was such a hit that Jeremy Goldstein put another one on as well and this second dinner brought in around $23,000.


Fountain House has been in operation for more than seventy years now and has a mission of providing much-needed support to people who deal with issues of mental illness. The organization is notable for providing critical programs and support as well as advocacy for those who deal with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein was very proud to be able to host this outstanding pair of events that to so much needed funding coming into Fountain House.


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Guilherme Paulus Has A Diverse And Successful Career

Guilherme Paulus runs a tour company and many hotels in Brazil. And, he is known as being a very powerful businessman in Brazil. He knows a lot about many areas of work, and he started his career by working for IBM. He is an optimistic man and says that he starts off his days by being grateful for what he has. He stays organized by keeping a weekly planner, and he stays productive by sticking with his plans for the week and working hard to get them done. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at

Guilherme Paulus got started in his venture with tourism and hotels when he young and had no money to invest in his own company. He talked with another man who had the funds, and they formed their first company together. Guilherme Paulus says that if he could tell one thing to the younger version of himself, that it would be to listen more to his elders. And, he says that one thing that excites him is the way that technology is always changing and becoming more useful. He needs all of the information that he can get through technology to be the best that he can be for his customers.

Guilherme Paulus isn’t afraid to work hard for what he wants, and that is a piece of advice that he gives to those who want to be entrepreneurs. He says that they can’t be afraid to sweat a little, and that they always need to pay attention to their customers and what they need. Guilherme Paulus also says that a strategy that he has for his own career is to not put too much focus on one thing that he is doing. He has a very diverse career, as he owns several businesses and serves in several roles within those businesses at any given time.



Michael Nierenberg Career Line

Michael Nierenberg is a prominent leader; he has held top positions in big companies where he worked hard to ensure the logistics of the company are always high. Some of the companies Michael has worked in include;

• Lehman Brothers- he played a significant role in providing that all rate mortgages for the company are adjusted and experiences consistent growth.

• He joined Bear Sterns Board of Directors in 2006, in the same company Michael Nierenberg was entrusted with numerous roles including being the co-head of mortgage-backed securities, updating the system of the company based on the interest rate and foreign exchange rates in the country. He served for only two years then joined JP Morgan company.

• The Bank of America Merrill Lynch- he joined the company early November 2008 to serve as the managing director and the head of both Securitized products and Global mortgages. before entering the bank, Michael Nierenberg held the same positions at JP Morgan, and also, he was a trusted member of the committee .

• New Residential Investment company- he joined the company after moving from the Bank of America. Since 2013 Mr. Michael has been in the front line to ensure that the company can run smoothly; he was employed as president of the company for about three years before being promoted to be the Chairman of the board for the company in 2016.

Having worked for all these years, Mr. Michael has earned great experiences that enable him to be the best leader for various companies. He oversees the completion of multiple projects. He primary focus is to ensure that New Residential Investment company goals and policies are followed. New Residential company has been in the market for about five years, and its primary goal is to invest and manage primarily related investments in the real estate business sector. Mr. Michael works closely with the employees to formulate solutions for the company that will lead to success. In addition to working at New Residential investment company. Mr. Michael works at Fortress company as the managing director entrusted with multiple roles aimed at promoting the growth of the company.

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Eric Lefkofsky Commits Himself to Improving Cancer Care

Like most highly successful people Eric Lefkofsky cannot be defined by only one title. Eric Lefkofsky the entrepreneur entered the business world after receiving a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He and a friend purchased a clothing company in Wisconsin. Since then Eric has co-founded the print procurement service InnerWorkings. In 2005 Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner established a freight logistics company. In the following two years, Eric and his partner would co-found Echo Global Logistics and the media planning and procurement platform Media Bank (now Mediaocean).

This is only a partial list of the enterprises Eric helped establish. As a philanthropist, Eric and wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to “…enhance lives in the communities served.” Eric sits on the board of trustees of Lurie Children’s Hospital. Eric Lefkofsky patron of the arts chairs the board of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre and serves on the board of the Art Institue of Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky the educator is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. In 2016 the Health Data Company Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky.

Tempus gathers molecular and clinical data on cancer patients and their course of treatment. The outcome of treatment is tracked and made available to oncologists enabling them to create a data-based treatment plan for their patients. The data from 25% of people undergoing cancer treatment is gathered by Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky explained that what sets Tempus apart from companies doing the same work is that the other companies only address part of the equation. One sequencing service might focus solely on imaging data while another might concentrate on pathological data. Tempus collects all four of the types of data associated with cancer treatment. Eric reports that 75% of cancer treatment clinics and 250 hospitals use Tempus’ services.

Nicolas Krafft Involvement in L’Oréal Company

L’Oréal company was founded in 1909 to ensure that people get the looks they desire. More than 1000 employees have been employed to serve all the company’s clients with high-standard products and services. There are headquarters of L’Oréal company in Clichy, France. Over the years the company has specialized in both selling and manufacturing cosmetic products for either male or female. Some of the products produced at L’Oréal include make-ups, perfumes, nail care products, oral cosmetics, hair care, deodorants, dermo-cosmetics among others. They are all high-quality since the people that make them are experts. Nicolas Krafft is the Vice President for the L’Oréal company. Previously he served as the Deputy General manager for Eastern Europe as well as the Marketing Director for both Asia and Kerastase.

Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen where he earned a degree in Business management; the course lasted for five years. Later he went to INSEAD to enroll in the Corporate General Management program in 2006. Nicolas Krafft management skills in L’Oréal has led the expansion of the company as well as the establishment of new marketing strategies to attract more customers. On 30th September 2018, L’Oréal company with the leadership of Nicolas Krafft held a show in Paris. The primary goal for this event was to ensure that many people across the world became aware of the products produced at L’Oréal and how effective they work.

During the Event, drones were set in place to monitor and record the event and pass the videos to other broadcast shows across more than 30 countries of the world. Val Garland, an international makeup artist for L’Oréal company together with Stephane Lancein, devoted themselves to create about 70 new, and makeups look to be presented in the Paris Fashion and makeup show. There were many prominent stylists, as well as interested parties in fashion and beauty present in the show hence there were much expectations form the company.

Nicolas Krafft organized the event together with the employees to ensure that it was a success. there were about thirteen modes selected for the event including Miu Miu, Isabel Marant among others.

Paul Mampilly And His Thoughts About The Market, Spotify, And Elon Musk

Paul Mampilly is a financial advisor and a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been publishing his financial advice through his Banyan Hill newsletter called “Profits Unlimited” since 2016 and has gathered 90,000 subscribers. Mampilly is also known to get featured on trusted media such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News. Before that, he worked as an assistant portfolio manager for Banker’s Trust. He also received his MBA from Fordham University. During his interview with Eric Dye, Mampilly shared his business thoughts about the market changes, Spotify, and Elon Musk.

When it comes to investing,  expert Paul Mampilly is one of the folks who managed to weather out the storm that is known as the Wall Street. He has experienced in managing money, being an analyst, and managed a trading desk. When asked about the biggest changes in the stock market, his answer is technology and how access to it is easier now for both big-sized and mid size investors. Another change that Mampilly noticed is that there are a lot of Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs now than 20 years ago. The market was crowded with mutual funds two decades ago and the information is not available to everyone back then.

Mampilly also noticed how innovation is now one of the metrics to judge a firm’s value. Paul Mampilly revealed that he is currently following Spotify, which went public since last year. Paul Mampilly says that Spotify got a unique way of coming into a public company. Instead of getting a capital as other companies do, they sought for liquidity moment by going public, and hence, avoiding the fees from the Wall Street. Spotify’s subscription business model is also something to that is worthy of interest. When questioned about who is the entrepreneur that Paul Mampilly admires right now, he answered Tesla’s company face, Elon Musk. The reason for this is because Elon Musk managed to find the guts, take the risk, and reap the reward of the company that he built from his investment ideas. Mampilly also admires Musk’s ability to move people’s vision through his words and action alone.