Hurricane Harvey And Relief Provided Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, the impact was felt both far and wide in the areas that were hardest hit. As with any relief that is needed during the aftermath of any critical event, any aid that people obtain in these areas is usually well received by those who need the help most. Also, with a disaster of this size needing massive help, the only way to recover quickly is to look for help from places like the food bank as well as others organizations in the community that can supply aid quickly.

Thankfully, when leaders in the community want to give back to those who need help most in their local and surrounding areas, it is very important to note that CEOs like Tony Petrello are often skilled in understanding how to step up to the plate. Specifically, when they know how to help in supplying the financial assistance required and the physical help from the resources that they have access to in the organizations that they are over.

Help Spearheaded by Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries

To that end, during this times (the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017), there were a number of beneficial things that occurred. Many of which were spearheaded by Tony Petrello and the concerned workers of Nabors Industries’. In fact, this organization was very instrumental in ensuring the help that was needed in these areas was given right away in a variety of different forms. Here are just a few things that these communities were able to experience and see upfront and center in response to the needs of this horrific natural disaster.


Tony Petrello and Employees from Nabors Industries Response to Hurricane Harvey

Not all organizations respond the same to a disaster that occurs in the community since the leadership in organizations may not share the same philosophy. Simply stated, some organizations will allow the employees in their organization to take time off their regular jobs to assist in helping the community to recover from the aftermath. It does not matter if the community needs water to drink because the water is tainted or those that have been affected most need food to eat, there is a lot that can be done to aid those that need it. The latter leadership described is one that Tony Petrello advocates, especially since he is also known for being a compassionate philanthropist in many different circles.

With this in mind, his employees were not only allowed to help their friends and neighbors but also nearby communities as well around the gulf coast. Also, in response to the worker’s generosity and help that was provided, the same workers were also rewarded with paid time off to assist in these situations.

Tony Petrello graduated in Harvard University and Yale University. He worked as a lawyer in a law firm. He is a well known philanthropist in Houston area. He is a board member of Texas Children Hospital. He is one of the highest paid CEO in America.