Madison Street Capital Carries Out Minority Re-Capitalization On Behalf Of ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street was the financial advisor in the minority recapitalization for their customer, ARES Security Corporation.



ARES has its main offices in Vienna and is a prominent global provider of security risk management services. It mainly produces great security software solutions. The company is involved in safeguarding sensitive systems operated by governments and industries like nuclear and transportation among others.



In the transaction, Corbel Structured Equity Partners assisted in the minority recapitalization. The operation was led by Reginald McGaugh, the managing director of the financial advisor. Charles Botchway, the CEO of the international investment bank released the details of the transaction on 10th January 2017.



McGaugh said he was happy to see the sale accomplished. He cited the role of ARES leadership in assisting him to carry out his duties, thereby accelerating the process. He gave thanks to ARES Security’s president and owner Ben Eazzetta. McGaugh’s leadership in the transaction was excellent.



At the event, ARES’ Ben Eazzetta praised the investment bank for the good job they had done. He spoke about Madison Street Capital reputation, and it’s professionalism during that transaction. He said he followed every step of the transaction from the initial process to the last step of capital raising level and was impressed.



Ben added that he was comfortable with the capital structure and the quality of the financial associate chosen by Madison Street. He said he has confidence in Corbel Structured Equity Partners. In his conclusion, he said Corbel demonstrated professionalism in the way it structured the investment.



Madison Street has worked with Corbel on several occasions. This gave Madison Street the confidence in the company’s capacity to give a well-structured investment solution. Given that Corbel provides flexible capital solutions, ARES will enjoy increased sales figures. The many contacts that Corbel has will enable ARES to capitalize on these new opportunities.



Madison Street Capital



This is a company founded in 2005 to provide financial advisory services to other companies. The company’s main offices are in Chicago, IL. The company has offices in other countries in North America, Asia, and Africa. Anthony Marsala is the current Chief Operating Officer.



The company offers services in the financial sector such as mergers and acquisition, advisory, and capital among others. The company’s reputation in the investment industry is banked on the quality of its services. The company has a diverse workforce that enables it to deliver.


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Fabletics – Aspirational Brand That Offers Quality Products At Affordable Prices

Fabletics is a brand co-owned and co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The company since its inception has made a tremendous progress and is doing a business of over $250 million annually, and is expected to grow at the rate of 35 percent annually in the years to come. Fabletics has adopted a unique subscription model that has attracted a lot of members in a relatively shorter period. The fashion retail market online is already highly competitive and saturated, yet Fabletics managed to stand strong on its own, and give competition to giants like Amazon, only because of the motto of the company to offer quality products at an affordable price.


Fabletics’s subscription model became an overnight success as soon as it was announced by the enterprise as it took the customer experience to an all new level altogether. It offers a personalized shopping experience to the customers based on their fashion preferences, lifestyle and color choices. It made it easier for the customers to shop regularly without actually having to scroll through tons of options. Fabletics aims at providing a combination of aspirational brand, quality products, and affordable pricing to its customers, which is something that is not available easily in the fashion market together. Fabletics aims at filling the void, and the association with Kate Hudson helped the brand to boost its popularity and make it a brand that the women would relate with.


Fabletic followed the reverse showroom technique soon after the launch and had 18 outlets across the country in California, Illinois, Hawaii, and Florida. These are the major markets for Fabletics and have seen the tremendous popularity of its products since the launch. The reverse showroom method is practiced earlier successfully by companies such as Warby Parker and Apple, and Fabletics implemented it successfully as well. In this process, the company first builds a market for itself online and generates a growth momentum through online sales and customer engagement, and then takes the brand to physical outlets nationwide to continue the momentum.


Many of the Fabletics users have posted positive reviews about Fabletics subscription model and its products online, saying how it helps them shop for quality products without spending a lot. It is also convenient as the customers get to choose from the selection that is customized as per their choice, taste, and preference. The company plans to soon open over 75 to 100 stores through the length and breadth of the country, which would further help Fabletics penetrate deep into the fashion retail market.


Opening new stores is an extension of their reverse showroom technique and as per the data available, around 30 to 35 percent of visitors to the store are already members and 25 percent of the visitors who are non-members eventually become VIP members. The physical outlets of Fabletics offer customers to check out the products and collection of Fabletics firsthand. If you are planning to become VIP member of Fabletics, it is highly recommended that you take the Lifestyle Quiz offered by the company online at its website.

Achieving the Highest Success Level in Investing

Everyone has at some point harbored a dream of getting rich, owning a lot of property and even retiring early. However, very few of these people are ready to do what it takes to achieve this level of success. Todd Lubar is on the man who had the drive to succeed and was willing to do what it took to make it happen. His investment journey started when he was straight out of school. Unlike other investors who start with the means to invest and the capital to make it happen, the only thing Todd had was a good investment idea. He had looked at the investment vehicles and decided that real estate was what would work best for him. For more info about Todd Lubar, visit LinkedIn

The first thing that he did was establishing contact with the key players in the business. He created a network of CPAs, realtors, real estate values, property brokers and many other professionals within the firm. These are contacts that later came in handy for him because he was able to start a referral business that depended on this network. He had dreams of expanding his business to the actual development and sale of property, but the referral was his start point of choice.

As time went by, he began realizing that there were many issues about the real estate market that needed to be addressed. In particular, he realized that there was a group of people who couldn’t access the original loan products for various reasons. These included credit scores that were not pared with industry standards and not meeting the other needed criteria. He created a business model that targeted this group of people and started helping them get a mortgage and pay for housing. The idea was an instant hit, and more than 7,000 people have acquired homes through this platform. The success of the project came as a result of the support he received from the financial institutions which were in support of his initiatives. Besides the real estate company, Todd started a demolition services company and a waste recycling business, both of which were very successful, for more details click yelp.

Todd says that his main secret in investing has been getting the products and services that directly solve a problem for a certain client. He has dedicated his entire life towards helping those who need investment ideas and advice. He has already retired and now lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and children. Todd Lubar’s story is enough evidence that goals which are worked at daily become success stories.

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How EOS Left the Invincible Chapstick Far Behind in the Competition of Lip Balm Industry

Just a decade ago, the lip balm industry’s undisputed leader was Chapstick with no competition even at a distance from it. The market had the pitch ready and was waiting for some innovation. EOS grabbed this opportunity seven years ago to burst into the scene and take advantage of the apparent lag and void in both the product and the marketing perspective.

EOS amazing feat of beating the almost invincible Chapstick was not only the terrific product but also a great marketing strategy. While each product in the market remained a look-alike tube that would often get lost in the folds of a woman’s purse, EOS built a balm in a beautiful and distinguished spherical case that was instantly recognizable, different from all and unlikely to get lost. Against the clinical taste of all previous lip balms, its rainbow of assorted flavors, captivating smell, easy sensuous spread on the lips; the experience was almost ethereal and addictive. Women could not help but come back on Walgreens for a second buy and then the third purchase.

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The success of EOS lip balm was largely because of the fact that it added an extra zing to the women’s beauty regime and made it fun, fresh and trendy. Moreover, the product was formulated with completely organic ingredients which were completely safe to use. One would think that these would make the lip balm, an expensive affair but the company was smart enough to keep the price almost equivalent to the already available lip balms. It encouraged the women to try the product without any reservations. Add to it their pristine Facebook marketing campaign, and you have an unbeatable and excellent unity of both an exceptional product as well as outstanding marketing. It’s easy to understand how EOS has attained the top position in the lip market industry and easily outdid the century old ruler Chapstick quickly in less than seven years. For more information, visit the Evolution of website.

Dentists Reach New Highs with MB2 Dental

Good dental care is of key importance for a person’s health. However, many dental offices around the world do not perform up to par. A company has emerged that is on the mission to change dental services for the better.

MB2 Dental Solutions was created by a team of dental experts that wish to help their colleagues from all around the world establish better practices and become more efficient and skilled in the dental services they provide. There are more than 70locations that re-affiliated to MB2 Dental across six of the States of America such as Los Angeles, Alaska and more.

MB2 Dental Solutions relieves dentists with private offices from the task of management. Instead of having to focus on paperwork for hours on end or on hiring cleaning staff and so on the dentist is enabled to direct all of their time and efforts solely to accepting and servicing more clients.

That way the technical side of the practice will not go under and the clientele will increase significantly.

Vitals also reported that MB2 Dental also has an affiliate program for dentists, which consists of a worldwide network of dental practitioners. The dentists in the network are of all career stages – some are just starting out, and others are experts.

All affiliated dentists are highly encouraged to get in touch with each other and to form lasting connections. That way they will be able to learn from each other and to become more efficient in their individual professional life. The MB2 Dental provides technological aid as well.

Affiliated Dentists also have access to a large team of experts that are always available and ready to provide any kind of counseling dentist might need. There is also individual mentoring available. MB2 Dental Solutions has the mission of putting the standard bar for dental offices higher.

The goals are to help dentists become better in their practices and to connect dentists internationally thus creating a worldwide web of professionals. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

According to White Pages, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions. He has been a lifelong dental expert as well as a trainer and mentor for less experienced dentists. He attended the University of Florida and got a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology.

He got his DMD from the Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is from Ohio but has spent many years in Asia and South Africa. He has a wife, Carol, and four children.


Measures of Success: Lori Senecal

Success can be defined in many different ways. For most, success means achieving your goals and expectations. For others, success is defined by the number of people that you impact in your life. For the new CEO of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky (CP+B), Lori Senecal, success is measured by how much you have changed the attitudes of those in your industry. Senecal has been innovating in the advertising space for years, and she is showing no signs of stopping.

Senecal was thrust into the world of advertising directly out of college. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Marketing, and Finance from McGill University, she joined a small marketing firm. She quickly outgrew that firm and joined McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising agency. She made a lasting impact there, becoming the co-founder of TAG Ideation, the Global Chief Innovation Officer, and eventually the President of McCann Worldgroup NY in 2007. During her time there she was called a pioneer of the industry and a thought leader among her peers.

From McCann Senecal joined KBS+, another global firm, as the President and CEO in 2009 in a report by campaignlive. Here she spent seven years innovating and creating new ways to do business. In an interview with Campaign US, an advertising news and opinion newsletter, Senecal said that she did not just want to make another network of global advertisers like all of the other companies. She wanted to create a business that would not get in the way of creativity. She wanted to focus not on the process, but on the people that are involved in the process. With this mindset, she and the other executives at KBS+ saw their highest profits in years.

With her new view on what it meant to do business, Senecal won several awards in her industry. She was given the prestigious Advertising Women of New York Game Changer Award for her innovative thoughts and leadership in the marketing sphere. She was also named as a top executive to watch twice by Advertising Age, an industry news outlet. Senecal was also awarded with several honorary positions, such as being given a Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards for innovation and invention in the industry. She was also appointed to the Board of MDC Partners in 2014.

Now, Lori Senecal is the new CEO of CP+B. She does not see this as a bookend to her life as an advertising mogul, however. She sees this as a new beginning, and she aims to redefine what success really means.


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