Malini Saba is a Sign of Women in Power

As the United States of America prepares for the possibility of a female president, there is a lot of buzz in the air about women in power. There are female leaders that hold CEO positions large Fortune 500 companies. There are others that have become the boss at companies that they have started. I like how Malini Saba has refused to wait on anyone. She has been a self starting motivator that has done her best to invest wisely and gain success. Somehow she has even managed to help other women that may have given up on their dreams as Malini has accomplished many dreams of her own.

I would imagine that it feels really good to give away money that you know is going towards a good cause. I would like that people like Malini Saba come along every day, but I don’t think that they do. It is rare to find a woman that has been able to give over a million dollars to different charities and natural disaster relief. I know that she must feel a sense of pride and humility at the same time for the giving that she has done.

Malini Saba is the type of woman that knows how to reach out and help others. She has successfully managed to build an organization that is known for helping women that are in need. She is working hard to help these women gain financial freedom, political power and better healthcare as they rise against the challenges that they face.

She isn’t known throughout the world, but I do believe that people will get to know her one day because she is such a strong leader. Saba’s philanthropy is something that benefits many women. They will not forget who she is and what she has done. There have been a ton of people that have failed to get the proper education or healthcare that they need, but Saba is making this possible for a lot of women. She has been able to build a resume that speaks volumes, but more importantly, she has managed to help people that are in need of it most.

I would hope to someday open my own non-profit organization to help women. She has been instrumental in helping me build my confidence, and I would like to thank her organization for giving me some insight when I did not have any.

Kenneth Goodgame is a Corporate Leader

A veteran’s eye is absolutely essential today to successfully navigate a growing corporation around the shoals of rocky business environments. Kenneth E. Goodgame knows how to quickly identify mistakes in procurement, marketing and merchandising programs that can quickly sink a new product launch. He implements a smarter business strategy while promoting growth through employee engagement.

Key performance indicators using proven quality assurance systems must contribute to each quarterly and annual shareholder report. With the increasing dominance of mobile-based sales today, he sees the global family’s changes in their buying patterns. Now the focus must be on building consumer trust plus contributions to their local community. This is one of the essential trademarks of Goodgame’s management style. He knows how to find those unique characteristics that make a global enterprise locally responsive.

He knows what every retailer desires:
Repeat Business + Sales of high-profit-margin products &services.

Goodgame has a long history of coaching retailers to build loyalty among their customers. It is the keystone of his years as an executive at True Value and Ace Hardware in Chicago. His ability to move swiftly with trends in consumer purchasing habits are evidenced by his recent blog posts on his web page: where a resume fully details his career. There you will see that Kenneth Goodgame wrote a recent blog post about the most explosive new product category in the Pet Supplies industry: Refrigerated Fresh Foods. He monitors the changing demographics that reshape the American Marketplace.

With full P&L management for over 85,000 SKUs at True Value Hardware it was the impact of the 2014 national television ads on local co-op owners. He led the creation of a 4-SKU end cap program, adopted by 2,400 stores – the most rapid store participation.

Career accomplishments include the fast turn-around of Techtronic Industries, N.A. as president of Baja Motorsports and Direct Tools Factory Outlets. This is a highly productive corporate leader and team player with deep experience in both procurement, new product launches, careful fiscal planning and corporate expansion.

Talk Fusion Takes it to another Level

I read a recent article about Bob Reina and Talk Fusion, which can be found here,, and it really gave me a great appreciation for what they are doing. Now, you have to understand that someone like Bob Reina does not do this job to receive awards or receive praise. That is not in his DNA. His DNA is to give back and make a difference. However, one can not ignore the product itself, which offers so many video options in this new age. It truly offers something for everyone and everyone can get use out of it. Back on March 16th, all of the hard work, time, and devotion they have put into the product was recognized. They won the award for the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year.

Any time you are being talked about as a product of the the year, you know you are doing something right. We are living in the tech age and there are a lot of products out there and some stiff competition. It can be hard to get ahead and hard to stand apart from the pack. However, when you have a product as diverse, unique, and one-of-a-kind as Talk Fusion, you can see why so many people are raving about it, using it, and seeing all the good that it does.

The award is given out by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), which, according to the article, is the online marketing leader. It goes without saying that when they are the leader in this type of field, they know what they are talking about and they have looked at many products. This is coming one month after Talk Fusion took their platform live. If you are interested in using the app, which I highly recommend, you can download it now on the iTunes store or the Google Play store.

Bob Reina, humble as ever, made sure to give thanks to everyone involved for their work in this product, as he knows it wasn’t a one person job. Everyone pitched in and everyone did their job to make this a reality.


Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?

Eric Pulier – A Global Leader in Technology

Eric Pulier is not only known as an American entrepreneur but also as one of the most successful leaders in government and enterprise technology. Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and began showing interest in technology at a young age. He was programming computers in elementary school and launched his first computer company while still in high school. In 1984, Pulier started studying at Harvard University. As an English and American literature major, he wrote a column and was an editor for The Harvard Crimson. Pulier graduated from Harvard magna cum laude in 1988.

In 1991, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California and began People Doing Things (PDT) to use technology as a means to bring focus to education and healthcare. He was a leader in the creation of Starbright World, a social media network for terminally ill and hospitalized children. Starbright World gave children and teenagers suffering from various illnesses a platform to communicate and share their experiences with those in a similar situation. In 1997, Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, a Presidential Technology Exhibition. After completing the exhibition, Pulier continued to serve on the Clinton’s healthcare and technology forum and is a current participant of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier is best-known for founding and co-founding various rich media, virutual desktop, and service oriented infrastructure companies including: MediaPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone, and SOA Software. He serves as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council and was named one of 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business.


Factors that Propel Diversant’s Dominance in the IT Staffing Sector

Finding IT skilled individuals can be a daunting task for various companies, especially due to busy operation schedules. In an effort to save time and finances used to train new IT recruits, corporate entities are adopting the services of IT staffing companies such as Diversant LLC. Since Diversant Inc. merged with John Goullet’s Info Technologies, Diversant LLC has risen to one of the premier Minority-owned Business Enterprises as well as IT staffing provider.

Diversant utilizes its experienced and trained teams of IT recruiters to narrow down to the best candidates in the industry in a bid to meet the needs of its clients. In an attempt to distinguish itself from other IT staffing firms, it ensures that its IT consultants are well compensated through various benefits such as insurance coverage, holiday and vacations and tuition reimbursement.

The success of Diversant can be attributed to the experience and leadership abilities of its executives. Gene Waddy, who serves in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer at Diversant, is one of the driving forces behind the tremendous accomplishments of Diversant. He serves as a board member in various bodies such as the New Jersey Tech Council and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. Further, he is the chairperson of the Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee.

Diversant mentors various Minority-owned Business Enterprises by sharing its experiences as well as best practices in a bid to inspire them to be prosperous. It also works in close collaboration with various parties such as Government representatives and Fortune 500 companies to boost job creation, STEM, education and diversity.

Further, its employees also take part in philanthropic initiatives whereby they provide monetary support and volunteer their spare time to support charity organizations.

John Goullet serves as one of the most talented and experienced individuals at Diversant LLC. Before coming together with Gene Waddy, which led to a merger between their companies Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. respectively. Goullet’s decision to switch from IT consultancy to IT staffing led him to develop one of the top 500 privately owned entities in the United States. Currently, Goullet offers his industrial expertise and experience to Diversant LLC where he serves as the Principal.


Linda Owen Joins Highland Capital Management to Spearhead its Charitable Giving Program

Highland Capital Management operates as an asset management firm, which is based in Dallas Texas. Early in the year, it welcomed a new team member, Linda Owen, to take up the vacancy of charitable giving manager. Through James Dondero, Highland Capital Management expressed hope in the capabilities of the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Linda Owen. As the Highland’s charitable giving manager, she will be expected to work in close collaboration with The Dallas Foundation.

Linda Owen joined the firm at a crucial time whereby the firms’ charitable program is experiencing growth. Highland maintains a reputation of giving over $3 million each year to charitable initiatives. This is done through the help of the Dallas Foundation. Some of the major beneficiaries in Dallas , Texas include the American Heart Association, Uplift Education, the Center for Brain Health, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Dallas Zoo.

Not only is Linda Owen a holder of BA degree in Economics but also a JD from the University of Texas. Upon completing her education, she worked as a real estate associate for the Wald, Harkrader & Ross law firm. In the past, she has been involved with various charitable organizations such as The Family Place and Crystal Charity Ball.

James Dondero is an accomplished expert in the equity and credit markets. Apart from being the Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, he serves as the current President. His expertise and experience has steered the development of a wide range of products, which have won awards in diverse categories. Private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, ETFs, REITs, hedge funds and CLOs are some of the award-winning products from Highland. Before co-founding HCM, he served as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later a Portfolio Manager at American Express.

His leadership in business extends from the boundaries of Highland Capital Management to the board chairperson of companies such as Cornerstone, Nexbank and CCS Medical. Additionally, he is a board member of various entities including, MGM Studios and the American Banknote. Not only is Dondero a guru in the financial sector but also a philanthropist with primary focus on public policy, veteran’s affairs as well as education.

Search Clean Up Does Just That…Cleans Up

Business owners understand the value of great customer service and that is important, especially since it is so easy for information to be shared. You want your customers to tell their friends and so on about how great of a company you are. This is how you spread the word and attract more clients to increase revenue. On the same hand, it is just as easy for bad reviews and negative comments to be shared in the same fashion. That high Quality Score that you earned is not a fixed number. It can go up or down, depending on how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are!

Studies support the notion that bad reviews and negative comments can dramatically reduce sales, ultimately hurting your business. Sites like can remove bad search results and offer their services and web cleaners! Sure, you can manage everything yourself, but know how to effectively get it done and out of the top spots on search results is better left to professionals.

There are several things you, as the business owner, can do to help mitigate the situation. One thing you should avoid is arguing back with your clients across these open platforms or through any correspondence.

Another great tip is to bring on the sales. It doesn’t have to be a ‘Black Friday’ sale, but throwing a promotional sale of a new product or offering great deals on existing ones can definitely help augment your situation.

After all, you started a company with the thought of doing business and providing something that people need or want. Keep this in mind and do not lose sight of this and why you went into business. On a brighter note, if you feel stuck or just can’t figure out how to get a handle on the problem, there are places like that know exactly what to do. Don’t let your online image get worse! Use an online reputation management service to gain control!

Federal Court Comes Down On Laidlaw

The UK based company Laidlaw and Company LTD is facing some serious legal trouble as a U.S. Federal Court has issued a temporary restraining order and associated injunction against the company and its principles. The reason for this legal move is because it is asserted that the company spread “false and misleading” information about another company Relmada Therapeutics in an attempt to take that company over.

Relmada Therapeutics has already filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw regarding the information they claim was spread about them. The Court has stepped it in to try to protect the shareholders of Relmada from any further losses that could stem from this information being spread.

Spokespeople from Relmada have stated that they believe that Laidlaw have very different interests than do the shareholders of their company. Therefore, they felt that they had no other option other than to file the lawsuit and let the Court figure it out.

Laidlaw and Company is an investment firm that seeks to grow its capital and the capital of its investors through strategic investments in businesses large and small. Established in 1842, the company has clearly largely been successful in its mission. However, there are clearly some naysayers and those who wish that the company would leave them out of things.

This is what is alleged in this case. However, with this case, the complainant has asserted that Laidlaw is attempting to lower the price of the shares in order to buy them out at a discount. If they are spreading false information to meet this objective, then that is clearly illegal. It will be interesting to see how the case settles out.