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Lou Fest X Cyclocross Night Race Nov 8, 2014

Lou Fest Race info at:


Lou Fest X
Cyclocross Night Race
Nov 8, 2014

Must have Lights on
your bike to race!

All bikes are welcome!

The race will be at;
Woodward Park, Fresno, CA
7775 Fiant Rd.
Fresno, California 93705



•All ABR rules will apply.
•Race day ABR licenses available for $25.
•ANSI or SNELL approved helmets required.
•No warming up on course during races.
•Parent or guardian of those under 18 will be required to sign, no exceptions!
Races are held RAIN or SHINE.

You are not required to use a cyclocross bike.
ALL BIKES ARE WELOME: Mountain bikes, crossbikes, fixed gear, single speed, 29ers…
Courses will favor a cyclocross bike.

Please note: NO Bar-Ends are allowed on mountain bikes -remove them before you race.

All riders MUST have a light on their bike
or helmet to compete in the races...

We need Volunteers !!!
Go to: https://www.lounightrace.com

Would you like to help?

e-mail us at jp@lounightrace.com

and let us know, Thank You!!!

Check us out on facebook, "The Lou Fest CX Night Race  Nov 8, 2014 at WWP "

Presented by,

Fresno Cycling Club, Herb Bauer Sports, Rubber Soul Bicycles

Welcome to the “Lou Fest” aka “Lou Night Race”         
and thank you for checking out the website !  
The “Lou Night Race” will be celebrating its 9th year!

Rider entries will close 20 minutes before each race start. Their could be a late fee...


The “Lou Night Race” is a very unique race as it is one of the few actual NIGHT RACES in the USA.  When competing in the Lou Night Race, you use headlights on your bike and headlamps on your helmet – Yes, that’s right – NO other lights in the area!  Well… other than your competitors lights on your ass – What a cool sight it is!!!   
This REAL night racing here at the Lou…

The “Lou Night Race” has gotten a pretty good rap of being one of the FUNEST races around!  And, we don’t just mean for the riders, as it is a pretty awesome sight for the spectators too !  Another thing that makes the “Lou Night Race” unique is that the course is lined with flashing barrier lights on either side of the race track with lots of white ribbon and chalk.  This makes it very safe and user friendly in addition to a hell-a-fun to race on.  Picture yourself standing on a hill watching a string of lights coming through the trees right at you!!!   Just as you start to say O-SHIT, "I better move my ass", they jag to the right and don’t even come near you, Psych!

The “Lou Night Race” is held in honor of Louie Casiano Jr.  “Lou” or “Louie” as some of those the closest called him; went onto his next Great Adventure in the fall of 2004.  He has been greatly missed ever since…  Lou was of one of our first Mountain Bike Promoters in the San Joaquin Valley.  Lou was a local bike shop manager, in addition to one hell of a fast BMX racer and a pretty damn good trials rider too.  He was the first promoter to bring Ot Pi, BikeTrials World Champion (many times over) to the USA in the mid 80’s.  Lou could climb a hill like no one that I knew. He was a wonderful father of two great boys who have grown into to fine young men.  Tyler is 21 and Luis is 20.   Lou was a great friend to all that knew him.

Lou's 2 son's Tyler and Luis

Lou had been my best friend since childhood, We do this event in honor of him and all that he did to promote mountain biking here in the San Joaquin Valley.

“Louie” always wanted everyone to have a good time racing at his events and most importantly, have them go away with a smile on their face.

Lou always liked riding in the cold weather, so come on out and have a great time with us. Enjoy a great course and help us show our respect and honor to a great guy and JP’s best friend “Louie”! 


Special Contests

"Captain Candle Power"


(Winner is the bike with the brightest light set up)
Winning Prize: NiteRider Light system worth $100


Best “Bling” Bike

(Winner is the bike with the most Bling! Bling!)
Winning Prize: Special Goodie bay worth over $100

Sponsor & Vendor Fair

The Lou himself,
Gonzo, The Team Port Member,
Luis Casiano Jr.

We need Volunteers !!!

Would you like to help?

e-mail us at jps@sickpromotions.net

and let us know, Thank You!!!

2013 The Lou Fest T-Shirts


The “Lou” Night Race

Lou Fest Results

Cat C Men
1.#218 Steven Schiedel / Sunnyside Bicycles
2.#211 Adam Claes 
3.#209 Jake Liles / Project 321
4.#210 Jayme Plunkett
5.#205 Mike Brasier
6.#217 Ronald Sequeire /Trinity Cyclery
7.#215 Rocky Spain
8.#216 Oz Angel /Steven's Bicycles/Whole Foods

Cat C Master Men
1.#48 Les Hansen / Steven's Bicycles
2.#40 Scott Wilkinson /Cal Giant Berry Farms
3.#Max Orendorft /Vapor Racing
4.#212 Dyke Reese
5.#203 Brent Firmery

Cat C Woman
1.#51 Cherie Firmery

Cat Jr.
1.#76 Ren Cotter /CSC
2.#89 Cameron Sasser /Steven's Bicycles

Cat B Men
1.#114 Griffen Stone /Steven's Bicycles
2.#112 Matt Hansen /Steven's Bicycles
3.#101 William Foster/FresnoSt Bulldog Cycling
4.#108 Tim Lopez /Vapor Racing
5.#106 Patrick O’Rourke /Steven's Bicycles
6.#111 Cameron Sasser /Steven's Bicycles
7.#110 Brad Koomen /Steven's Bicycles
8.#105 Jeff Gledhill /CSC
9.#109 Eric Casares /Vapor Racing
10.#107 Jason Fuller /Steven's Bicycles

Cat B Master Men
1.#44 Craig (Rapo) Ranells /Zavorek Insuance
2.#242 Guy Vannatta /Momentum Cycling
3.#243 George Chinn / Steven's Bicycles
4.#46 Mike Panla /Comare Cylist
5.#45 Jess Couch /Comare Cylist
6.#42 Lance Burson /RuberSoul Bicycles
7.#41 Andrew Miguel /CCORC

Cat Single Speed Men
1.#136 Mark Sasser /Cycles Fanatic
2.#127 Ryan Brooks /Steven's Bicycles
3.#138 Mike Bergantzel
4.#135 Robert Woodward /Steven"s Bicycles
5.#140 Daniel Torres /BSI/Trinity Cyclery
6.#137 Jonah Miller
7.#129 Jesse Purks
8.#134 Brian Monty

Cat A Men
1.#12 Jeremiah Root /Steven"s Bicycles
2.#19 Steve Ray /Steven"s Bicycles
3.#17 Bruno Pitten /Davis Wheelworks
4.#16 Jon Stewart /Steven"s Bicycles
5.#11 Cody Pratt /Sierria Bicycle Werks
6.#15 Justin Morgan /Steven"s Bicycles
7.#18 Josh Houssiere /Steven"s Bicycles

Cat A Master Men
1.#240 Keith DeFiebre /Bay Bikes
2.#241 Winson Hong /CyclePath
3.#245 Michael Beers /SPOC
4.#244 Edward Lund /Momentum Cycling
5.#242 Guy Vannatta /Momentum Cycling

Cat A/B Women
1.Rustee Sasser /Cycles Fanatic


atch Video of the Ranch, copy N paste link below,

The Ranch MTN Bike Park,

Prather, CA



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